Parc Botannia At Fernvale Road

The location of this new complex will be in Sengkang, more specifically on Fernvale Road. It is no mistake that this executive new launch condo establishment will be built in this particular location because not only will it give inhabitants a secure place to live, but it will be surrounded by the best schools, shopping centers, entertainment, dining areas, and more.

Fernvale Road also has great transport systems surrounding the area. Students will be able to get to and from school in a quick, safe manner, while avoiding traffic. Public transport in Sengkang is ideal for both families and individuals, giving them an inexpensive and convenient way to tour the city. Visit our Parc Botannia address to view amazing site location.

Parc Botannia Condo

With Fernvale being the newest neighborhood in Sengkang, this complex is sure to attract tourists and residents from other areas.

The Government Masterplan

The residents of Sengkang have exciting news coming their way with the government masterplan. In accordance to this development, they can expect an added amount of housing, shops, dining areas, hospitals, and schools coming their way.

There will also be added libraries, sport facilities, community clubs, and parks available to the community of Singapore.

With this expansion of Sengkang, residents will enjoy an even more diverse city. Thanks to the effort of many government agencies, there will be an enhanced transport network system.

With a more efficient and reliable transit system, inhabitants of the city will get to their destinations faster while avoiding traffic. With smoother, shorter journeys in place, traveling within Sengkang to other parts of Singapore will be more convenient than ever.

Ultimately, all of these new developments will bring more opportunities for employment to the residents of Sengkang. These new jobs created will be more convenient for workers, giving them employment closer to home along with a reliable transport system.

New Condo Singapore

Just like the Parc Botannia, the government masterplan sounds promising in providing residents a more suitable living environment.